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A dedicated contact center


The dedicated contact center is the added value of the facility that Metadonors provides you with.

An ethical-based contact center

The staff of the contact center embraces the ethics that Metadonors applies to all its processes. The tranquility of the working relationship and the shared dynamic and pleasant environment are prerequisites for more impactful, conscious, and participatory actions.

An entire company at your service!

Our team becomes your team: personnel working in comfortable environments, utilizing high-level Open Source technology, identifying with your processes and mission, providing high-quality service with real-time reporting.

The structure and personnel at your disposal for your fundraising efforts allow you to maximize every aspect of donor interaction.

Metadonors’ highly skilled staff manages the process of engaging new donors with the necessary expertise and the best communication tools and contact optimization techniques.

It is the combination of experience and analytical tools that enables Metadonors’ personnel to identify high-quality donors and deeply involve them, making them feel integral to the supported organization and aligning them with its mission.

A high-quality donor remains so when they continue to feel valued and at the center of the action. That’s why Metadonors also supports you in managing the entire communication flow between you and the donor, employing the best strategies for welcome messages, sharing achieved objectives, and even rekindling relationships that may have become less active using appropriate recapturing techniques.


The search for new supporters is a fundamental activity. Our acquisition service utilizes the telephone channel for conversion and social networks for lead generation.


Donors are your most valuable asset. Upgrade campaigns and converting one-time donors into regular supporters are powerful tools that should only be entrusted to experienced and dedicated personnel.


It’s not just about asking. From the toll-free number to reactivation campaigns, from a welcome call to a carefully timed thank you, donor care is in your hands.

Open Source and Professionalism

Ai valori umani si unisce una struttura di Information Technology sviluppata e mantenuta da personale specializzato, e caratterizzata anch’essa dall’applicazione di valori etici con l’uso di filosofia e tecnologie Open Source.

Su questi presupposti si fonda un’attività ottimizzata e monitorata in tutti i suoi aspetti, prodotta da un team motivato e flessibile nell’approccio alle varie declinazioni dell’attività stessa, certificata sin dal 2003 ISO 9001:2008 EA-35, e dal 2010 ISO 9001:2008 EA-33.

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Fundraising is a matter of building relationships, not just raising money. To enhance our relationships with donors, we need faster processes, operational efficiency, and a donor-centric approach. Metadonors has proven to be a qualified, flexible, and dedicated partner, capable of providing the right level of customization and support.

Laura Perrotta

Head of fundraising, Medici Senza Frontiere